This site is about personal experiences. It is just a little place on the internet for me to share my take on various issues that interest me. These interests are wide ranging, from philosophy, politics, technology, gaming, sociology, music, and all that’s in between.

Working in the Information Technology industry in stressful Singapore, I enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts, although I never really pursued active journalism on any significant scale.

In truth, I find the lack of solid content from an Asian perspective in areas I’m interested in an irritant at times, and I’m doing what little I can to try and fill it, even if it’s something terribly minor. You could say I’m just your average guy, finding a place to make a difference somewhere, and this might just be how I can do just that!

You can find out more about me, read some of my thoughts, or just say hello.

So here’s to a journey of profound contemplation (I hope)!